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2KW Wind turbine, 2000w wind generators, 2kw wind systems,
Your are here >>> Wind Turbine Generator ECO-2000W .

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ECO-2KW Wind Generator Body Nose cone,blade, Hub US$3,324.00/kit
generator DC48V + rotor
Tail Rod,Tail Vane
Tower and accessories free stand tower, 7M
off grid controller 48V 100A
off grid inverter 2KVA, DC48

Rotor Diameter (m)


Material and number of the blades


Rated power/maximum power


Rated wind speed (m/s)


Startup wind speed (m/s)


Working wind speed (m/s)


Survived wind speed


Rated rotate speed(r/min)


Working voltage


Generator style

Three phase, permanent magnet

Charging method

Constant voltage current saving

Speed regulation method

Yaw+ Auto brake



Suggested battery capacity

12V/200HA Deep cycle battery 8pcs

Life time


2KW Wind turbine, 2000w wind generators, 2kw wind systems,
ECO-2Kw wind turbine generator packing details:
  Item name Quantity Gross Weight(kg)
1 Wind Generator 1 58
blade 3 7.5
hub 1 5.5
nose cone 1 0.7
tail rod 1 4.3
tail vane 1 5.5
inverter 1 15
controler 1 11
packing size:1.64x0.61x0.38=0.4m3   27
2 tower 1.7 m3 2 360
Total 2.1 m3 3packing 494.5 Kg
Container load quantity: 10 sets  20’ft,    25 sets 40 'ft,    30 sets 40'hc
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